Diamond Eyes Mascara


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Diamond Eyes Mascara

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PRODUCT DIAMOND EYES is an extreme and intense volume mascara, for lashes multiplied to infinity and beyond. Each single lash is coated with a thickening film, that starting from the root, dresses it to it’s extremity creating a fringe of fuller and thickened lashes. ┬áThis intense formula with triple black pigments, amplifies and lights-up lashes with an extreme black color.

OVERVIEW This exaggerated lashes effect is emphasized also by the presence of hairdensyl complex, a pool of 4 different raw materials, that stimulates the lashes growth maintaining a high level of protection, preservation and nourishment. Your “DIAMOND EYES” will shine bright emphasizing thickened luscious lashes to the max with this impressive creamy and build able textured formula. Your windows to the soul will be certain to leave a lasting impression to all those who glance in your direction!


PRODUCT VOLUME is king! This is a true drama mascara, for an amplified false eyelashes effect! Lashes are instantly thickened and stunningly multiplied to infinity.
Like the lashes, the unique silicone applicator also goes to extremes, working in synergy with the exclusive rich, creamy and elastic formula to create a made-to-measure voluminizing effect right from the first stroke. This formula provides intense, exaggerated volume …. for surreal lashes!

OVERVIEW A creamy formula that is easy to apply, enriched with special powders and micro polymers of sugar which stimulate the growth of the lashes and nourish them;
Creamy and shiny; supple and buildable; immediate release.


POWERPOINTS Extra volumizing, it coats every single lash with a film of colour.
The formula is made up of triple black pigments and a mixture of ingredients which stimulate the growth of the lashes, keeping a high effect of nourishment and protection. Made with without parabens, no animal fats and not tested on animals; Hypoallergenic, anti allergen formula.

RESULT The lashes will be multiplied infinitely, from the root to the tips, the intense black illuminates the eyes and exalts the colour to a maximum.

POWERPOINTS This buildable formula has the presence of particular powders, permitting to increase the volume effect while soft waxes combined with sugar filmogens guarantee a creamy and ultra-resistant effect. With an easy and fluent application, this volume effect formulation is comprised of 73% natural derivation.

RESULT This creamy formula that is very easy to apply, enriched with special powders and micro polymers of sugar which stimulate the growth of the lashes and nourish them;
This is a supple and buildable texture with an immediate release. The lashes will be multiplied infinitely, from the root to the tips. The intense black illuminates the eyes and exalts the color to a maximum giving you voluptuous, voluminous and lanky lashes.

POWERPOINTS This formula is paired with a silicon brush which creates amplified and exaggerated 360┬░ volume, giving you instant dimension!

RESULT Volumizing, thickening and curling effect, for added viscosity and density
for full and well-defined lashes. The result is an elastic structure of measured softness and volume, volume and more volume, for eyes to stop hearts!



– Made with hairdensyl complex, a mix of Marine collagen, for lash protection
– Sea idrolized elastine, to increase the activity of hair follicle.
– Honey extract for a deep nourishing and emollient action.
– Marine glycogen, to stimulate growth of the lashes.
– This complex assures a real protection of lashes with deep nourishment.
– Made with triple black pigments, pure of iron oxide with a low content of heavy metals, with an extraordinary black color.
– Made with jellifyings and cellulose derivites, for a creamy and full body texture.
-Made with low melting waxes, for a volume and creamy texture.
– Contains high melting waxes for a plastic flexible and long lasting film;
-Made with brilliant filmogens for an extreme, impeccable adherent texture and long lasting effect

Paraben free
No Gluten
Lactose free
Contains no animal fats
Not tested on animals
Contains soft waxes and sugar filmogens for lash growth and dimension

No animal fat
Not tested on animals
Formulated without fragrance
This special emulsion is formulated without TEA.
Carefully-balanced blend of waxes of varied.
Exclusive filmogens built-up lashes for impeccable duration.
Extra black pigments in deep, magnetic black
Formulated without carbon black
Formulated without parabens.

HOW TO USE Wiggle the mascara at the base of the lashes, then apply it to the tips. For a more intense effect, apply several coats of mascara.