Nebu is the definition of gold in ancient mythology.
Milano represents the best of Italian design, creation and production

Nebu Milano is a new standard of quality and luxury on the cosmetic market.
A new vision and a new concept of make-up for the female scene.

Made with curative and innovative textures, all NEBU products are exquisitely packaged in a gold and platinum version, enhanced and decorated with Swarovski elements set by hand.

Aside from the glamorous packaging, NEBU’s advanced and innovative formulas are paraben-free and enriched in antioxidants and jojoba oil. NEBU cosmetics uses the most natural and sophisticated ingredients, which are the quintessence of the brand’s philosophy.

NEBU is a luxury and premium choice for all sophisticated women oriented with glamour and beauty. With the highest quality of its products and packagings created with noble materials and innovative designs different from other brands, NEBU MILANO sets the new standard for the niche luxury cosmetic industry.

TAMARA and her husband ADAM GEE are the founders of the brand.
TAMARA GEE is the creative director and ambassador of the brand. Through her own experience of being on stage, she found that the standard cosmetics her make up ar tists used were not satisfactor y in that they could not resist the strong lights, as well as while shooting var ious video clips, where there is intense heat.  This instantly ignited an idea to design her dream collection of cosmetics that would be resistant enough to keep up with her long performances and travels, but that would also be enriched with vitamins and minerals and presented in exclusive packaging.  Additionally, she envisioned something beautiful that would be highly resistant to scratching and breaking.

“As a consumer, I have always noticed an issue that cosmetic products are very fragile and easy to break or shatter when dropped, or even while carrying them in the purse .Constantly traveling, I could relate to the frustration of so many women around the world experiencing the same thing. Therefore , it became our mission to create and develop a  cosmetic brand that not only look’s stunning, is of ver y high quality and simply lasts.”

Tamara Gee